Known as the ‘Jewel of the Red Sea’ El Quseir has the reputation of providing the very best shore based diving in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Diving around El Quseir is extremely varied with numerous pristine coral gardens, challenging wall dives, off shore ergs, sea grass meadows, extensive cavern systems and a resident pod of dolphins.


There is something for every diver with options for unlimited house reef diving, shore diving, zodiak diving and hard boat diving, there are even opportunities to take excursions to visit world renown sites such as Elphinstone and Salem Express.



Abu Sauatir is the simply outstanding easy entry house reef for Roots Red Sea, a fact borne out in  a recent marine biology survey which recorded over one third of the Red Sea fish species in the bay in just a 2 week period!


The first thing that regular visitors to the Red Sea will notice is you will have the dive sites to yourselves, with over 80 sites and 6 dive centre’s, El Quseir offers ‘Millionaire Diving’ - astounding dive sites with you and the marine environment, not other divers!


Shore access can be simply such is Serib Kebir, a few strides on the sandy beach and out into the colourful fringing reefs or the more challenging entries such as Nafag Rene which is a hole in the reef leading to a 10 minute swim through caverns to reach the outer reef.

Zodiak diving from the harbour offers some of the best diving in the region and all so close the historic town. The Rock, the topic of a recent Sport Diver article, is an amazing mount with several hundred anemones forming a swirling topping of tentacles extending to the dazzling array of a thousand damsel fish that call the anemones home.


The extensive gardens at Ras Qusier provide jaw dropping dives amongst endless varieties slow growing hard corals all absolutely teeming with fish life. The 40m wall provides a regular haunt for the large Napoleon Wrasse that frequent the region. Omar Sukan is simply a natural aquarium, awesome fast growing hard corals stretching as far as the eye can see with a busy metropolis of marine life covering the area.

Further afield by hard day boat are the off shore ergs of Monica and Lassal, here soft corals abound with masses of predator fish hunting around these nurseries for the smaller fish. The surrounding corals are also fascinating with schools of bannerfish, morays, angels and other reef fishes taking full advantage of the colourful pinnacles.


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